Different Approaches to Research into the Aging Process and Their Implementation in the Framework of the Science Against Aging Complex Interdisciplinary Program

M. A. Batin and A. A. Moskalev

Abstract We presume that extending lifespan and particularly its healthy period is absolutely beneficial for human being. However, the existing views and approaches did not result in a significant extension of human lifespan. Original Russian Text M.A. Batin, A.A. Moskalev, 2010, published in Rossiiskii Khimicheskii Zhurnal, 2010, Vol. 53, No. 3, pp. 59.

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Dark matter
of transhumanism

Lecture at Stanford Advancing Humanity Symposium about different scenarios of victory of transhumanism and the reasons why life extension ideas haven't yet captured the attention of every person in the world.

Positive Disruption:
Peter Fedichev at TEDxSkolkovoChange

Peter Fedichev, Ph.D. is Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Quantum Pharmaceuticals.



3d International Conference
«Genetics of Aging and Longevity»

6-10 April, 2014, Sochi, Russia



- Longevity genes in human and animals
- Epigenetic mechanisms of aging
- Environment, genes and aging
- Biomarkers of biological age
- Pharmacological interventions in aging
- Genetics of regeneration
- System biology in aging research


Scientific Advisory and Program Committee:


Brian Kennedy (co-chair)

Buck Institute for research on aging

Nir Barzilai (co-chair)

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Robert J. Shmookler Reis (co-chair)

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Claudio Franceschi

University of Bologna

Vera Gorbunova

University of Rochester

Vadim Gladyshev

Harvard Medical School

Anatoliy I. Yashin

Duke University

Jan Vijg

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Judith Campisi

Buck Institute for research on aging

Matt Kaeberlein

University of Washington

Andrei V. Gudkov

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Mikhail V. Blagosklonny

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Andrei Seluanov

University of Rochester

David Gems

University College London

Yousin Suh

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Valter Longo

USC Davis School of Gerontology

Sergiy Libert

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

John Tower

University of Southern California

Roman Kondratov

Cleveland State University

Pasyukova Elena Genrichovna

Institute of Molecular Genetics, Russia

Yelena Budovskaya

Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences

Richard Miller

University of Michigan

Joao Pedro de Magalhaes

University of Liverpool

Scott Pletcher

University of Michigan

Victoria Lunyak

Buck Institute for research on aging

Gordon Lithgow

Buck Institute for research on aging

Robert Tanguay

Université Laval

Eric Lagasse

University of Pittsburgh

Shay Soker

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

William C. Orr

Southern Methodist University


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